Colin Moore

Colin Moore
Hi my name is Colin Moore I have been working in Hospital Radio for 10 years the last 8 years at Radio Hillingdon, mind you I have always been interested in broadcasting ever since I heard the pop pirates in the 60s Radio Caroline, London, North Sea International, But by far the worst to listen to was Radio Luxembourg. It all started for me when I met Cliff Green, he presents at Harefield Hospital Radio and he asked me if I would like to join the team there. It was not long before I was introduced to Hillingdon Radio. The rest is history.

I am now in my third year as station director and I am looking forward to keeping the Radio Hillingdon broadcasting to the same standards as you the patients have been used to. You may have noticed on our web page we have been awarded a Lottery Grant which will enable us to vastly improve our service to you the listener.

This year sees the launch of the new broadcast system, it has take a long time to install, but will enable us to provide a better selection of programmes.

I present the Thursday request show. Going around the wards meeting the patients and staff is a real joy, and finding that (I bet you have not got this one in your collection) elusive track in the library, and playing it is magic!

If we missed you on our way round you can call in on *800 - a free call from your bedside phone, and ask for a request.

If you cannot get to visit a patient and have seen this page call the studio on 01895 279219 we start at 8:30 pm Thursday night, or click here to get in touch with the show.

And if Thursdays were not enough you can get a second helping of me on Saturday afternoon’s (2 till 4) a good mix of music for a relaxing Saturday afternoon.

You can contact me using our Contact Us page.

As you are on our web page and feel you might want to join our team click the contact us, then join our team, who knows I might see you soon.

Colin Moore
Station Director
Hospital Radio Hillingdon